Mens Fashion Trends for 2018

It’s 2018 and everyone is looking to have a new beginning and probably embrace some new styles. Fashion trends keep changing every year and 2018 is no exception as there are many signs to show this will be the year for many new fashion trends. Many fashion shows completed recently have given a clue of what we should expect to see as we head into 2018. 

Overall, there is expected to be a resurrection of fashion from the 20th century, and besides this, we also have a lot of new things to see in the fashion world. If you are yet to catch up with the new fashion trends coming in 2018, here are few that you should expect to see soon. One clothing supplier flannels, is a step ahead of the curve, if you need more information you can contact them by phone.

Padded jackets

Comfort-wear will once again take the stage this season as padded jackets get more attention. Many oversized and proportional shapes have been showcased, and this is one of the ways fashion has helped to support craftsmanship as most of the designs are creatively integrated to make a statement. A different approach to padding will also be seen as designers do it in a way to create hybrid forms. 

Canada Goose Jacket

Vertical stripes

Men will also have a lot to choose when it comes to designs that feature vertical stripes. Deckchair prints and vertical stripes will be in plenty, and the beauty is that they can be applied on anything including trousers and shirts. Over the last few seasons, stripes have made into top menswear chart. This popularity comes from the fact they are versatile and can blend with virtually any style, subtle or bold. 

VW Shirt

Tactile Fabrics

The year 2018 will also see more work going into winter wardrobe. Touchy-feely garments like suede bombers are becoming essentials that will occupy the fashion market in 2018. This will be seen in suits and shirts as designers get more experimental. One of the reasons these will feature majorly this season is because they offer a simple way to upgrade the wardrobe without having to stretch too far out of the comfort zone. The pieces could be ideal for casual and smart occasions, and will make your outfits feel new. 

Paul Smith Suede Jacket

Coloured tailoring 

Expect to see more colour and uniformity. And these are not just any mainstream colours you are used to seeing, but interesting colours like teal and pink. Yes, the mens fashion world will have a lot of these in 2018. It is a way to add lighter colours to one’s wardrobe, which makes for a perfect way to update looks to match the new season. 

Ck Shorts

Football fan scarves

Fans of football as well as other sports will have a reason to love this season. There seems to be more work and creative input in the design and making of scarves for this category of apparel. Football scarves are made to feature stylish looks and to blend with various messages including logos of teams. With the 2018 World Cup approaching, this design trend is expected to take off well and will see significant growth. 

Liverpool Scarfs

Utilitarian menswear

As more people embrace athleisure and fitness gear to replenish their wardrobe, designers are focusing on pieces that can get the work done. There is more input to make pieces that can complement one’s daily activities and this includes multi-pocket jackets and tonal trousers. Performance fabrics have increased due to the huge growth in the need for utilitarian details like heat-welded seams and bellows pockets. 

Utilitarian menswear

The fashion market is projected to grow further as demand for more creatively presented pieces surges. People want to feel exclusive and to get clothes that can satisfy their needs. Mens fashion wear will get a boost in 2018 as more designs rock the market.

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