What Her Favourite Books Tell You about Her

“She doesn’t like arrogant men”

When it comes to trying to find the perfect matchfor your affair, it can sometimes seem like there are just too many things you need to consider. Does she have the same hobbies? Will she be available at the same times? Is she single or married? Does she even live in the UK? The list goes on. Some of the best ways to figure out what someone is really like, however, is to ask them about seemingly unrelated things to find out their preferences, favourites, and the like. Most of the time, people answer instinctively, which tends to give you a more honest view overall.

When She Is in Love with Short Stories

“She believes in the concept of soul mates”

The length of her favourite book can tell you just as much about her as the genre, or the main themes involved. This is especially true in the case of books that are really just collections of short stories. Typically, someone who lists something like this has a particular short story that really stood out to them as they were reading it, which makes her preferred tale that much more concise. Think of it as only reading British married woman dating site reviews rather spending the time going through each site on your own. You can do a lot of research when looking for online affairs and reading the reviews of the best sites to meet married women. The key here is the succinct nature of short stories. Unlike their longer counterparts, short stories provide a quick view into a particular world, or the life of a particular individual. Due to this it tends to focus on a more central theme than branch into multiple ideas. Someone who likes a short story, or a group of them, of other kinds of books really appreciates brevity and efficiency. There is also a good chance that she will not long remember detailed and lengthy debates, processes, or anything similar and prefers many short events to long and extended ones.

The Fantasy Addict

“”She is more interested in erotic romance”

If you have never met someone like this, allow us to paint you the picture. She is the person who has read thousands upon thousands of pages detailing different worlds, peoples, and plots. She is no more interested in things like British married woman dating site reviews than she would be of sitcoms or slice of life movies. This is the woman who has read through all of the classic tales authors and actors reference when they talk about how they read a particular character or what they thought of the themes and plot involved. Once she finishes a book, she probably moves on to another in a different series, of which there could already be ten or more books. She has entire worlds in her head at any given moment and a good enough memory to recall the details of most of them.

Unfortunately, none of this makes her any better at remembering information relevant to relationships and everyday life. She may or she may not, and what she deems important may not necessarily line up with those around her. You can expect, however, that she is going to be a lot more open minded than her contemporaries and really interested in the different, if not necessarily the new. If you have not read any of the books she has, you may struggle to find something to talk about until you land a shared movie or video game, since she will likely be highly invested in all of these worlds and not so very interested in our own.

Sci-Fi Junkies

“She loves to date nerds”

For her, it’s more than just books. Its movies and television shows and comics, and anything else that might match her genre of choice. The most commonality between the women that fall into this category tends to be simply that they invest a lot of their time and money into their sci-fi preferences and they tend to be much more engaged fans overall. While many might argue that the main difference between sci-fi and fantasy lies in the magic versus technology environments that define these stories, it’s also important to remember that how she enjoys the genre is just as important. Someone who is really into hard sci-fi, for example, is far more interested in the details of the world and how things work, whereas women with a liking towards soft sci-fi are more taken by the people centred aspects of the story. Not to mention the fact either can be used as an approach to the particular book she liked so much.

It is an important distinction to make, as it sets the tone for a lot of future interactions with her. Someone who is really invested in hard sci-fi or who views the genre as a whole in that manner, is someone who is much more likely to spend their nights pouring over scientific theory than reading through British married woman dating site reviews. She will be much more detail oriented and incredibly invested in getting to the heart of things as quickly and efficiently as possible. Someone like this is probably going to require you be on time and capable of handling more complex debates in the place of small talk. If your sci-fi junky is more interested in dystopian futures, or analysis of the human condition, or just generally more into the characters of the stories than the nuts and bolts of how everything works, however, you have a whole other type you are dealing with. This is someone who probably won’t demand quite so much in terms of timeliness and is much more willing to take the time to understand you and where you are coming from. On the other hand, she is also going to expect more from you in this regard as well, so it is a good idea to keep in mind that someone whose favourite book is consider soft sci-fi is probably going to require more constant communication if not attention throughout any relationship you have – fling or otherwise.

Less about Books than Comics

Then, of course, you have the outlier who declines to give you a book they don’t have any real opinion to offer up a favourite comic instead. Anyone who has lived in the UK in the last couple of decades probably knows someone like this, even if they do not think they do. Far more people are comic book fans than most realize, mostly due to the anti-social stigma typically associated with them. For women in particular, this is something that is either yanked out of them like a bad tooth, or brandished warningly right from the beginning. This is mainly because of the reception they typically receive from other comic book enthusiasts, or at least the male ones. That is to say, their fan credibility is instantly doubted and tested. For some reason, men who like comic books seem to get defensive about women enjoying them as well, and often try to claim that the women who say they are into things like that are really just faking their interest and don’t actually know anything about the comic they are talking about. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy that gets the chick. Take the fact that they are interested in comics enough to consider them in place of books at face value, and find out what genre her favourite comic book is in.

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