At the moment directories are on the boom in the United Kingdom. Why so? Simple reason, the only way to make it for your company is to make your presence felt everywhere. Nevertheless, only 60% of the companies in a single directory receive frequent referrals from the same sites. This is because clients look for what the company has to offer before they sacrifice their time and money to reach them. Here at About Us Page (Customer Service Guide) we give you all the reason to phone our directory members. Let’s see why!
Wide range of services. Every client is looking for an entity that has a wide range of services that will suit their needs in a simple single package. They do prefer dealing with the minimum number of persons as much as possible.
Specificity of services. Clients want gurus in their niche not just a start-up! This may seem offensive but it is the reality. The trick is that even if you are a start-up make it your objective to provide guru-like services.
Accessibility of the service provider. Personally, I will prefer to contact a company that has various contact number as I am assured they cannot all be jammed with customer traffic at a go. The more options you provide for customer service relations makes the client want to contact you more.
Yellow pages indexing. This is how your company has indexed among the various directories available. Higher indexing means that you are likely to be frequently contacted and one would opt for such an option. It also acts as a guarantee to quality services.
Reviews and feedback. Currently, first-time clients use reviews and feedback to gauge their likelihood to contact the company. So ensure that you clear any misunderstandings with clients as fast as possible since a single negative comment could snatch away a billion dollar contract! Don’t wait till happens.
Here at About Us Page (Customer Service Guide) we do value the impact of customer ratings and hence advise all our site visitors to leave a comment whenever they can. Our directory services suits all that your business needs and we are here 24/7 just for you. Come try us and have your own share of a company turnover directory story.

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